Qubino DC EU Z-Wave Plus Flush Shutter Controller


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‘- Module Type: Z-Wave Transmitter

– Power: 4.75 to 5.25 V (via USB)

– Transmission frequency: 868.42 Mhz

– Range: up to 100 m outdoors

– Interface: USB

– Temperature: -10 ° C – 50 ° C

– Humidity: 85%

– Dimensions: 20.7×11.3×58.8 mm

– Weight: 8g

– Z-Wave Certification: ZC10-16055063


3 in stock


NOTE: This device operates at 868.4 mhz Z-Wave frequency. Please make sure that you have a Z-Wave controller with the same frequency. This frequency (868.4 mhz) is used in CEPT countries, Europe, the EU, China, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, Qatar, Singapore

The Qubino Flush Shutter DC module can control low voltage (12 – 24V DC) blind, awning, garage door, and curtain motors. It fits into an existing switch enabling you to wirelessly control blinds as well as measuring their power consumption. Precise positioning is supported for motors equipped with mechanical or electronic end switches.

The Qubino DC Shutter module is the only shutter control designed specifically for DC motors – it uses a polarity reversal switch to change the direction of the motor.

Increased protection Protection against accidental short circuit on outputs. Protection agains wrong power supply connection. Over temperature protection.

The most simplified installation Extremely small size and special designed casing ensure the most simplified installation (ease of cabling fixing) inside a flush mounting box. Proved and tested by professional electricians.

-10 ° C Extended operating temperatures from -10 to 40˚C.

Extremely low own energy consumption, less than 0,4W. Module is measuring the power consumption of the connected electrical motor in Watts and total consumption in kWh. The power consumption data can be easily collected and aggregated without any additional costs.


– Controller for 12-24V DC blinds and shutters.

– Enables Z-Wave control of blinds, awnings and curtains

– Monitors power consumption

– Optional Temperature Sensor

– Very small size enables modules to fit into standard switch boxes (45mm recommended)

– DIY installation

– Flush Shutter DC Flush shutter DC module with inverting power polarity is used to control the 12-24VDC motor of blinds, rollers, shades, venetian blinds, windows, etc …

– New functionality – support venetian blind slats tilting

– Z-Wave Plus certified



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